We have been lucky to work with many amazing partners.

Without Twiddle there would be no White Light Foundation. The band and management are deeply involved and committed to White Light Foundation’s misson. Everything we do starts and ends with Twiddle. Thank you Twiddle.
Martin Guitar has helped White Light Foundation by generously supporting our efforts through their guitars that we have been able to raffle off at Tumble Down and Frendly Gathering to raise money for the organizations we are supporting. Without Martin’s support we would not have been able to make as great an impact and we are grateful for their continued support.
Love Your Brain July 12, 2016 – Dear Steven, It is out privlage to acknowledge the recent donation of $1,190 from the White Light Foundation, received on 7/12/16. We are truly humbled by your generosity and your continued support of our organization. Read more here.
Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen March 8, 2016 – Dear Mr. Perlah, I am writing in regard to an event which was held November 28, 2015 at College Street Music Hall during a Twiddle performance. WLF ran an incredible food drive at the vent in which better the 3,500 pounds of canned, boxed and bagged food was collected and donated to the Donwtown Evening Soup Kitchen. When you contacted me, I had no idea that the event about which you spoke would generate such a vast amount of food. Read more here.
Kurn Hattin Homes for Children July 7 2015 – Steve, I just want to thank your whole family for being so postive, and actively involved in this project. By family I mean you wife and children, Jay Segal, Twiddle, the volunteers, the Frends, and of course you! You gave so generously of your time with this and we are forever grateful. Read more here.
uTwiddle has been helping the White Light Foundation from the beginning. They host our website and email and for years have handled all our IT issues. We are grateful for SpaceFish. He is a legend. Do uTwiddle?